The Wild Heart, oil on linen, 2019

A Strange Boy, oil on linen, 2019

Album, oil on linen, 2019

Weeping willow, lovers rock, oil on canvas, 2019

Significant (Others) - c3 Art Space, Abbotsford, Melbourne

Significant (Others) brings together three Melbourne–based artists to explore ideas around physical and metaphysical connection. In response to this theme Ingmar Apinis, Nick Mullaly, Justin Davies have developed new works that explore how humans connect through ceremonies and rituals, intimate confessions and within the void of cyberspace.

Each artist approaches these concepts using their own unique perspective and medium including sculpture, paint and assemblages. However, their practices are linked by the semantics of colour, queer identity, the human figure (or lack thereof) and the intrigue of imperfection.

Documentation by Aaron Christopher Rees, 2019